Model Society Magazine issue 3 back cover art

Μπορεί να είναι σχεδόν τρομακτικό να δούμε μια φωτογραφία και σπάνια το κύμα της αίσθησης που βιώνετε όταν συνδέεται με ένα άλλο πρόσωπο.

Exquisite Presence
by Raemond

It can be almost shocking to look at a photographic image and feel that rare surge of sensation that you experience when connected with another person.

It’s common for a model to reveal the features of a face or the surface of a body. But to reveal their humanity in an exquisite moment of truth is a gift to themselves, the artist and the audience. These images show what’s possible when the photographer pays close attention to the moment, and the model allows themselves to be seen.

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“Twenty years ago, with a simple analog camera, I realized that capturing the natural beauty, essence and simplicity of a portrait or a figure study is what truly inspires me.”

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