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Από το Κοπανάκι και τα χωριά όλης της Τριφυλίας

Σάλτο …μορτάλε. Όλα άρχισαν με την πρώτη πτήση τους, με τον ίδιο τρομακτικό, αλλά θαρραλέο τρόπο.

If THIS Doesn’t Warm Your Heart, I’m Not Sure What Will!

All birds must eventually leave the nest, and for eons, they all started their very first flight in the same scary but courageous way – with a terrifying tumble through the air, to land softly on the ground. Thing is, these little ducklings are already doing the jump 24-36 hours after they hatch. How brave, and how adorable is this video of their first try!


Ιουνίου 12, 2016 - Posted by | ALEXIPTOTO, ΑΡΜΟΝΙΑ

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