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Τα πιο τρελά αυτοκίνητα του φεστιβάλ Burning Man.

15 Art Cars Featured at the Burning Man Festival

Each year tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to celebrate an unusual festival known as the Burning Man. This event brings together community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. The event encourages its participants to think outside the box and get creative. One of its main attractions is the art cars and each year, a theme is usually selected by the event’s organizers. The art cars are generally weird (as you’re about to see) but certainly fun to look out. The event was first held in 1986 in San Francisco and has since taken place each year in August. Let’s take a look at some of the festival’s craziest cars:

Τέχνη Αυτοκίνητα Burning Man

Τέχνη Αυτοκίνητα Burning Man

Τέχνη Αυτοκίνητα Burning Man

Τέχνη Αυτοκίνητα Burning Man

Περισσότερα αυτοκίνητα:



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