Wild animals have their own ways of coping with rainwater, but sometimes, when they find themselves under an opportune leaf, flower or mushroom, they look just like people hiding from the rain under umbrellas!

Most larger creatures try to hide under trees, rocks or cliffs when it rains, and some, like bears, can simply shake it out when it’s over. Orangutans, and often other monkeys, are known to use banana leaves or other large leaves in their native jungles to block the rain just like we use umbrellas. Even fish and amphibians that live in the water are often bothered by rain – these will often dive deeper into their ponds and lakes to avoid raindrops. Rarely, of course, you might see a squirrel with an actual umbrella!

If you have any cool photos of animals hiding from the rain or using natural umbrellas, we’d love to see them – please add them to this list!